Cub Scout & Family Camping Programs

 Tiger Cub Safari 


Deep in the rolling wilds of Wente Scout Reservation live fearsome creatures that no one can tame!  They wander the forest howling and yelling with sheer delight; these adventurous creatures are TIGER CUBS! Tigers on Safari shoot bows and arrows for bulls-eyes, run obstacle courses most people would never dare try, and explore Nature and go fishing by the lake! But most of all, Tigers have FUN


Click on the dates below to join us for an overnight adventure of Tiger Cub spirit!

April 21-22, 2018 @ Wente Scout Reservation

April 28-29, 2018 @ Wente Scout Reservation


Mom & Son Weekends


Located in the beautiful coastal redwoods of Camp Royaneh.  The all-volunteer staff will guide you through a weekend of fun and adventure especially designed to reinforce that mother-son bond.  A great escape for Cub Scouts (first-grade through fifth-grade) and their moms (or another adult female partner like grandmothers, aunts, etc.).  Two sessions are available each year in May around Mother's Day, but don't hesitate, cause they both sell out every Spring!

Click on the dates below to register for your weekend of fun together!

May 4-6, 2018 @ Camp Royaneh

May 18-20, 2018 @ Camp Royaneh


 Local District Day Camps  


For ALL Cub Scouts and Webelos!  Get out your maps and join us on a daily adventure full of fun, excitement, and advancement.  You will arrive each morning for a day of thrilling activities, and each afternoon you’ll return home and tell stories to all those who did not join you on your Summer quest!

Cub Scouts may attend ANY of the following local District Day Camps; click on your closest event and sign-up NOW!

Peralta District Day Camp - Oakland (June 18-22, 2018)

Tres Ranchos District Day Camp - Castro Valley (June 18-22, 2018)

Mission Peak District Day Camp - Newark (June 25-29, 2018)

Twin Valley District Day Camp - Shadowcliffs (July 9-12, 2018)

Golden Gate District Day Camp - San Francisco (July 23-26, 2018)


GOLDEN GATE DISTRICT DAY CAMP IS ALMOST HERE.   For Cub Scouts who still wish to attend, you can still sign up on line and also if you wish to attend only ONE Day please contact Dylan Hendrickson at

Monday - San Francisco Zoo and Gardens

Sloat Blvd and 47th Ave (drop off on the south side of Sloat to the left of the parking lot entrance)

Tuesday - Exploratorium

(drop off  at Sue Bierman Park, Drumm & Washington, specifically Washington St between Drumm and the Embarcadero)

Wednesday - Maritime Museum and Aquatic Park

(drop off  just east of 900 Beach St. at Polk St.)

Thursday - Golden Gate Park

Stow Lake & Mothers Meadow with Conservation Project

(drop off Mothers Meadow in Golden Gate Park, 525 Martin Luther Kind Jr. Drive, east of Crossover Drive)


(Confirmation for those already signed up and just signing up):

Dear Families,                                                                                           July 2018

Golden Gate District Destination Day Camp is almost here!  We are looking forward to having fun exploring four spots in San Francisco and performing a service project in Golden Gate Park. I hope this letter will give you all the info you need to prepare for a fun time. Feel free to contact me or Dylan Hendrickson with any questions or concerns.

Please be sure to bring a completed BSA Annual Health & Medical Record A & B (attached) on Monday, and make sure your camper has a backpack with lunch and clothing layers for our varied weather.


Monday - San Francisco Zoo and Gardens with special Barnyard visit

Drop off/pick up on the South side of Sloat Blvd at 47th Ave, to the left of the parking lot entrance. We’ll have a table set up on the sidewalk. There should be plenty of street parking at 9:30, don’t drive into the Zoo parking lot or you will have to pay a fee. The L Taraval goes here, note Twin Peaks tunnel is closed, so shuttle busses are in effect. The 18 and 23 also stop nearby.

Tuesday - Exploratorium

Drop off/pick up at Sue Bierman Park playground, Washington St between Drumm and the Embarcadero. Parking is tough here, one of us will be on the sidewalk for drop off./pick-up. Take Muni/BART to Embarcadero Station, or the F Market to the Ferry Building.

Wednesday - Maritime Museum/Hyde Street Pier and Aquatic Park

Drop off/pick up just east of the museum in the park at 900 Beach St. at Polk St. The 19 Polk runs here, also Hyde Street Cable Car, Van Ness Ave busses, and 30 Stockton are near.

Thursday - Stow Lake & Mothers Meadow with Conservation Project and closing “campfire”

Drop off/pick up Mothers Meadow in Golden Gate Park, 525 Martin Luther Kind Jr. Drive, east of Crossover Drive. The 28, 29, and 7 run near here, the N Judah stop is two blocks south at 19th Ave.


  • Drop off is between 9:30 and 10:00 and pick up is by 3:00 (we will get to the spot by 2:55). 
  • Traffic and parking is challenging in the city. You can do a rolling drop-off and pick-up from Monday pm through Thursday am. We will be at the curb with the check-in sheet.
  • On Monday at the Zoo you will need to park and check your camper(s) in and turn in medical forms. On Thursday you are welcome to come to our closing “campfire” at Mother’s Meadow at 2:30. If you don’t find parking on MLK Drive, you can actually park at Stow Lake and walk down a path to Mothers Meadow.
  • We will only release campers to the adults listed on the Health Form, unless other arrangement is made
  • You can call me at 415-412-5915 if you are going to be late.


Each youth attending camp, and every adult chaperone, needs to bring the BSA Annual Heath & Medical Record Parts A & B (attached). Please fill it out beforehand, and note that a copy of insurance card is to be attached. You can read about the form here:


Every day:

Backpack with water bottle & sunscreen       

Lunch and a snack

Sturdy walking shoes and a jacket, hat if desired


We will spend time at Aquatic Park so all are encouraged to bring a towel and swim clothes if desired. Change of clothes if desired.

Thursday: we are doing a conservation project in Golden Gate park, likely pulling weeds and planting. Tools & gloves will be provided. Long pants


Electronics or anything precious. We are not responsible for items that get lost or damaged. We have a “no electronics” policy as far as video games and YouTube, etc. If your child carries a cell phone to be in contact with you, please let me know.


Camp uniform is the camp t-shirt, provided on Monday. Pack t-shirts or other scout shirts are great, too.


Thank you to parents who signed up to be chaperones. You are strongly encouraged to take the recently updated BSA Youth Protection training, the same that all registered leaders are required to take. In fact, I encourage all parents of scouts to take the training to be informed about what steps the BSA takes to ensure youth are safe. The information is relevant to all parts of our children’s lives. Go to the link on this page to register:

If you would take a moment to email me back so I can be sure I have the right email address for your family I would appreciate it. Again, let me know if you have any questions or concerns about camp.

Best Regards,

Janice Tauscher
Golden Gate Day Camp Director
cell 415-412-5915

Dylan Hendrickson
Golden Gate District Director
cell 408-952-9739


 Cub Scout Wolf/Bear Weekend 

Ahoy Matey's! Climb on board all ye Wolves & Bears to set sail for a weekend of new skills and adventure at Ranchos Los Mochos Scout Camp in the nearby Livermore Hills!  Click on the link below for further details:

Wolf/Bear Cub Scout Weekend July 20-22, 2018


Cub Scout Resident Adventure Camp  


The tribes of the Thunderbird need your help to find their treasure.  So pull on your hat for adventure around every turn as you search for the treasure.  What is the treasure you seek?  Is it gold, an old relic, or a statue with rubies or eyes?  No, its even better . . . it's fun and excitement!  The Thunderbird awaits you to join them "TO HAVE FUN IN THE SUN" at Camp Royaneh!

Wolf/Bear Adventure Camp 3-day Sessions:

July 30 - August 1, 2018 @ Camp Royaneh

August 6-8, 2018 @ Camp Royaneh

Webelos Adventure Camp 6-day Sessions:

July 30 - August 4, 2018 @ Camp Royaneh

August 6-11, 2018 @ Camp Royaneh


 Cub Scout Shooting Sports Days  


There are several opportunities for Cub Scouts to participate in guided Shooting Sports to work on their marksmanship skills in Archery & BB guns.  These include some local District Day Camp programs, Council Shooting Sports Days in Spring & Fall, and the Cub Scout Shooting Sports Day specifically for Cubs, held each year in early September.

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Day 2018 @ Rancho Los Mochos Scout Camp


 Cub Camping Connection  

There may be many of you out there who are BRAND NEW to Cub Scouting.  If so, then this is the overnight campout for you!  Bring along your parents and your brothers & sisters for a special introduction to Cub Scout Camping, and "SURVIVE THE ADVENTURE!" 

October 27-28, 2018 @ Rancho Los Mochos Scout Camp


 Family Vacation Camp Weekends  

Family Vacation Camps are a great chance for the whole family to enjoy time together in the outdoors.  Shooting at the ranges, swimming, and horseback riding are just some of the exciting activities that await your family members.  You can choose to cook your own food or we can do the cooking for you in our large camp dining hall.  So bring Mom & Dad, brothers & sisters along together and join us for a thrilling weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend

May 25-28, 2018 @ Wente Scout Reservation

August Summer Weekend

August 24-27, 2018 @ Wente Scout Reservation

Labor Day Weekend

August 31 - September 3, 2018 @ Camp Royaneh

August 31 - September 3, 2018 @ Wente Scout Reservation


Cub Camping Documents


1001 Davis Street
San Leandro, CA 94577-1514

phone: (510) 577-9000

Hours of Operation:
9:00am - 5:00pm (Mon - Fri) 


1001 Davis Street
San Leandro, CA 94577-1514

phone: (510) 577-9000

Hours of Operation:
9:00am - 5:00pm (Mon - Fri)